the sight of the stars...

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The Tulip Nebula lies about 8000 light years of the brightest sources of x-ray in the sky. Can you see the tulip?!?

I love stars (maybe there's a little astronomy geek in me) or perhaps it's pure fascination with something so eff'n incredible. Makes you wonder how we question or limit ourselves in ANY way. The magnitude of galaxies and stars...this life.

We are the only things every standing in our way. Of dreaming bigger, taking that leap...
So insignificant in the larger scale of life. And yet, we don't have to play small. Life is BIG...

When I wake up, get outside...into the morning darkness (yes because there's something wrong with me that I trek to starbucks at 6am! noooo because I get the fresh, FIRST brew...oooh yea....)
The first thing that puts the biggest smile on my face is...seeing the stars.
Oh yep. Full on astronomy geek right there.

So look up.
In absolute wonderment...
Be inspired by the vast dark sky, scattered with stars, that goes on forever.
If that's not proof that there are no limits to dreaming. I don't what is ...
jodi renée

I know nothing with certainty but the sight of the stars make me dream ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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