364 days to love...my UN-Valentine's Day wish

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Ode to valentine's and the post that should've been sent yesterday. shoulda, coulda, woulda.

On the day of love
That's just it...
Lover of 'love'...its what I seek, inspire and on THE day to give, share...
I feel forced
and anything forced for me, is un-natural.
It's not coming from a genuine authentic place.

Maybe it should be UN-Valentine's day and perhaps we should celebrate the other 364 days of the year.
Candy giving, card writing...flowers. Expression.
Or just heart opening....Surrender.
Get out of your head. Move into the body; this is the path connecting back to the heart.
The soul place. Where we've disconnected.

By our ideas and definitions of love we are hurting.
The filters we wear from the past...
Blinding us to the power within, that 'things WILL change'
We have that ability. To love with every fibre of our being.
Radical acceptance. First of ourselves and then of each other.
We can't ask for what we cannot, first give ourselves.

I hear threads of conversations...separation, divorce...unhappiness
"I need" "I need" "I need" ....
When do we move into a place where what we have is enough? The constant seek of fulfillment for ourselves creates this separation - when we are all in fact one.
We don't need as much as we think we do. Love IS enough.
The power of love doesn't judge who we were yesterday.
It forgives.
The power of love doesn't need to control the outcome of the future.
It dances in mystery.
The power of love thrives in the absolute opportunity that if we surrender...if we fall to our knees, open our hearts and get out of our way...
Love is enough.

You come to me carrying a mirror. So that I may see the walls I've built. So that I can look within myself.
So that I can see the face of the only thing that will free myself to love

You are capable to love beyond your wildest dreams. It's your birthright.
...take the heart path and you'll always win.

I love you. More importantly. I believe in you.
Everything is possible.
jodi renee

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