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"God give me guts" ~ anon

Make it happen...
Living the life of your dreams...

I remember sitting next to a couple on the plane to Calgary once
Such is my world: meet a stranger in 5 minutes, best friends in 10
How cool is life when you're open?
Anyways...Jodi's boyfriend was a Dr. (ironically this gal had the same name...I have yet to meet and date, marry? a Dr! Scuse me while I add this to my vision board...)
I obviously in 10 minutes had spilled the crazy story of my life that was 2 years
...and that's the point.
Dr. said: An EKG goes dramatically up....and dramatically down. Life! you're alive.
One straight line?'re kinda not living.
Flat line. Dead.
So why then, do most of us LIVE the straight and flat line?
Why do we avert in every possible way the up and down, the crazy...never-ending chaos
That is LIVING.

We often get stuck in life...
Feel unfulfilled...
...wanting 'more'
We are stuck
We're not full...
and there IS SO MUCH more.

It's easy to get caught up in life, and living it out 'just like everyone else'...
The discomfort comes from - YOU'RE NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE
I fully believe we have a purpose here.
A heart path...

what are you willing to sacrifice?
to make it happen...
live the life of your dreams...
love the life you're living...
be abundant in life...
full of joy?

Insert dreamer, mad passionate seeker {here} and it becomes a relentless search.
Questioning everything,
Complicated. Heartbreaking. Messy...

I have sacrificed ALOT ...
hurting people along the way. Never intentionally - but it happens.
YOU know your heart's desire. Even if you don't know.
Feelings, impulses...desires.
Direct you.
Something. Someone. Doesn't feel right.
listen....then tap into the best compass that exists in the centre of your chest

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love"
~ Rumi

I fully believe that flat-lining is easy...
And to live a radiant and abundant life full of purpose, magic and possibility (and so much laughter you get in trouble by the flight attendant because you and your new best friends are having too much fun on the plane)
is VERY very...challenging. Difficult...
And often times, lonely.
(well, except for my new plane buddies...oh and the trainer that I spoke with for 45 minutes about LIFE with at the gym. And the plethora of amazing conversations last week over dinners...)
Big fat lie! ...challenging life OPENS you to the right people and conversations.
For me anyways - I live for both!
Takes time.
You will get everything you always wanted...

I am nowhere where I thought I'd be
Doing things that I could only dream of.
In a complicated mess AND...
The influx of inspiring people in my life...
The conversations. The laughter. LOVE.
The absolute JOY I feel...
...has made the search for 'more' worth it.
Squeezing the absolute ALL out of life
...why should it be easy?

Who you ARE, your PURPOSE...requires an outlet. Your expression. YOU. If you're too worried about hurting someone despite the discord in your own heart than you're actually trying to control an outcome of BOTH of your true paths...
If you're also trying to keep up in yoga class stretching your tendons beyond their god given capacity JUST because the guy next to you, has the DNA of gumby...
Good luck. Living the Jones's life is probably more fulfilling FOR the Jones's.

When we are expressing, experiencing and evolving ...we are living.
Change happens every second. And we try our damnedest to avoid this and wonder WHY things, life...don't feel so good.
That place of perfection where everything goes smoothly will NEVER offer you the gift that comes with change, craziness and chaos.

and open yourself to the so-called imperfection that IS your life right now.
Wherever you are...IS perfect.

"The place where are you right now, God circled on a map for you" ~ Hafiz

much love ...xo
jodi renée

(ps for those of you who DO NOT like my writing. Here's a hint. Don't read it!)
...I am not solely one thing (photographer) ...all of THIS!
is my expression. It's me.
you know who I'm talking about - and I still love you :)

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