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Hi. I'm back.
Although the photo above makes it look like I've gone to the moon...or heaven? Or both! I've not fallen off the face of the earth. I've just made things ridiculously more challenging to...write.
Rewind to January 22nd (not as far back as 1978 because that's just not necessary. Like waaay overdue babe, ahem 10 lbs. 12 oz. yea. hi. We'll leave that alone.) Although a time machine to the 70's may be quite adventurous.
We'll just stick to a little over a month ago shall we?
Not a mid-life crisis...hardly! More like a mild melt down over the cue'd family version of "happy birthday". And that's where my brother (my new guru) comes in and sweeps me into a tale of...well.
Blatant honesty. Big BIG fan.
It's much like that too-tight, awesome pair of jeans you know you want to fit into however, to make them look comfortable, more importantly FEEL comfortable, there's a bit of work to be done. healthier and perhaps hit the gym.
Oh the realities of making changes means SOMETHING'S gotta change!
Something had to change.
So I listed my condo. Seriously. (the un-serious version is the free kijiji ad that you just keep renewing after it reaches it's shelf life) No. I went for front page listing, paid and all that jazz...then jumped on a plane to Calgary.
The west embraced me with a chinook (yay!) and a 3 day migraine (NO!)
Hello junk aka "Stuff" I had not seen for over a year that whilst 'taking a peek' decided I MUST keep...obviously most of these things had a spine.
No not humans tucked away in Rubbermaid containers you sickos! Books. BOOKS! obviously books.
And wouldn't you know it! While on the almost other side of the country, an onslaught of very interested renters were...looking for a home. One very interested renter that wanted my condo THAT FOLLOWING WEEK!
So to make a long story short...
Rented my condo, moved out in 48 hours.
Am living amongst chaos.
Am loving chaos.
It actually inspires me.
More importantly I FEEL so much better.
The last 4-6 months, probably more in the last 2 weeks I'm reminded again of something so simple:
We actually don't need what we think we do to make ourselves happy.  To feel good.
Everyone said I needed to live least for awhile. Some said min. a year.
I pictured this brand new condo, all sleek...I mean the inside was SO me...
Others said "be grateful"...if you can't make it work there, you'll never be happy anywhere.
I think that's all horse-shit to be quite frank.
NO ONE can come close to offering you the truth of your own experience. You must trust yourself enough to KNOW...what you need, where to go...
Admittedly I came to realize that I often am driven to doing things, and buying things - even my first home purchase?? (kinda big...yea...) motivated more by how it LOOKS vs. how am I going to feel? And what I truly truly need to be happy...
So, a new journey begins! and here's the recap on the westerly adventure...
Chaos. In the mountains. Seems life has a plan all of it's own and when you surrender to the magic of wearing the wrong shoes in the mountains and freezin your buns off = hilarious 10 minute photo journey, just like you envisioned and better! ...
Jennifer and Waylon reminding me...good friends are priceless, loyalty is rare and unconditional love is all you EVER need.
Surprise! imagine never seeing your own work on display! Moksha Yoga Calgary (in the heart of aspen) is like walking into an art gallery in which, well...I'm the featured artist. Humbled. And a wee bit mind-blowing.
Such a great LIFE and LOVE-filled display. It totally makes sense to have these hanging there...

A kind of dream come true in so many different ways.

Do I even need to say anything? Jen and I are eating dinner at one of the trendiest and awesomest (yea that's my word) resto's in Calgary. Una Pizza + Wine mixes my all time two favourite food loves! Pizza and wine. Okay...maybe more than two. Hello? Prosciutto wrapped dates?? Kale and TRUFFLE OIL! 
You will NOT fail at anything pouring your authentic self into what you do. From the music to the art to the space and well the food. Brilliant, authentic = success.
the world needs more of this...(pizza and wine included).
Forever grateful for the people in my life that refer me to even more great people.
My business sustains itself almost entirely on word of mouth and referrals, not to mention "we are the company we keep" chances are if WE get along, you refer me to someone else you's a good pairing! While this session had many
challenges for me, I am blessed. Work,, is easy when it's 'easy''s WHO are we when it's not so easy. And how we overcome...

So there you have my gypsy update.
I have landed back in town. Not for long however!
Jet-setting down south to a Dreamy holiday that's loooooong overdue.
And in the meantime, I will be expanding on some of these sessions (above).
So more pics, more love! ramblings...
to COME!
gypsy lovin...xo
jodi renée

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