Brock and Marta...a love story

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A lot can happen in the course of a day...
Disconnected to re-inspired.
It seems fitting to post (finally!) these photos now.
After just having had the most incredible food, and conversation with the best company...
I honesty think that 'conversation' one of my most favourite things.
Following great people of course :)

Rewind to this past summer...
More than a love story...they share a life story that is mind blowing and heart opening.
I knew when we originally did these photos in the summer that I was going to experience something extraordinary.
And right I was...
Because they're extraordinary people.
Brock so real, honest and down to earth.
Marta so sincere, compassionate and genuine.
Beautiful inside and out.
Everything is in sync...from the way they eat, how they nourish themselves and one another.
Coming together was a 'knowing'.
And it's inspiring to see two people completely move in a direction so effortlessly BECAUSE they know...who they are and what they mean to one another. (that's not to say they don't fight and Marta wins.) Obviously.

This is what makes my heart come alive.
And often, I can forget this. In a world where I make myself the most important thing.
There are so many great people in my life and the absolute blessing that IS THE WORK THAT I DO.
It's not about showing up at the door with a camera and an hour.
It's about sitting down. Having conversation. Who are these people, what do they love...who do they love...and WHY?
Insert an exploration of the heart.
We laugh...we cry.
And I've now decided that all the friends that are with me on this *journey* must be chefs (or at least have strong technical skills in the kitchen for awesome food...)
I want to embark IN your life.
Just as it is...
Because I can honesty say that looking through these photos, I not only see...I FEEL the presence of who these people are. A real, raw and genuine legacy that is...The Story of Brock and Marta...

Oh! and go figure that they're just like me :)
Owners and creators of Fit for Two TV! {dedicated to health}
Their mission? To inspire and empower others to lead happy and healthy lives. Truly believing that each person is their own health advocate. From workouts, to food and recipes...taking new risks...they'll sift you through the overwhelming info that's out there - essentially helping you find your purpose and joy. Inspired? Cuz I am...

From the dark to the light...
I'm reminded of THIS.

It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.
~ Guy de Maupassant

love...jodi renée xo
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