the bold and the butternut

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Americans choose to eat less than .25% of the known edible food on the plant 
~ Jonathan Safran Foer | Eating Animals
(thanks Marta for the book!)
I do hope this sexy butter beast made the cut.
Sadly, I don't think she did. Do you eat the winter squash? Cousin of the zucchini.
I'm addicted.
Fries are lookin pretty pale (literally!) in comparison to these baked butteries.
LOADED with fiber. Vitamin A is 'off the charts'...for real. So think youth, think radiance, think glowing skin and clear eyes!
Bake'm, grease'm (with some fine extra virgin olive oil or I like to use coconut oil)...salt'm...thrown'm in the oven for about 20 minutes or so (they take less time then sweet potato or yams) -- honestly you have hands down a fry like no other. And the kids will poop if they eat them.
Annnd you might just start trimming up. I honestly just realized that I've been feeling so full lately and it may be because of the 'feel full factor' of this bitchin butter. Equals not so hungry...weight feeling me?
Or you might get really bloated like me.
I eat a whole squash! and that's too much fiber...waaay too much fibre. Experimenting with my diet lately and well, this is kinda like my indulgence. Just when I thought a bran muffin at Starbucks was a cheat! geek?)
I may even have to cut out this lovely beast...sigh
caramelizing releasing sugars...and I'm off the sugar train for a while. Sad and yet exciting! (more about this later in it's own spotlighted post)
Seriously. There's no excuse for eating the same old. Not to mention it's really quick and VERY yummy. Great family add-on. Don't be turned off because it's a squash and hangs with the gourds.
You will thank me.
Be bolder. Butternut and beyond! xo
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