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So grateful for an amazing weekend!
Starts with a sneak-peek of Tanya + Michael's celebration of LOVE! ...
(These sessions aren't for the faint of heart either...a lot of laughter, and often a few tears. I got to see how Michael moves through the eyes of Tanya! And there was even talk of ingrown hairs...?) Yes. It gets downright dirty on set.
And not 'set' as much as SETTING...
I was in heaven with the light! And these wonderful, inspiring people that opened their hearts...
To market to market...ode to my Blackberry camera for these snaps.
I'm happy I have a market buddy now that gets as stoked as I do! Up early's uh...fresh and local annnnnd CHEAP food people!!!! I'm full of gratitude for the farmers and the work that they do to fill our homes and belly's with such GOOD food. How does your family express their gratitude for the food you eat? It's a great tradition that I feel is forgotten...'grace'. And yet so powerful. Children need to know what they're eating and where it comes from...most importantly how hard some families are working for 'us'...
mmmm summer fresh and local peaches.
And I stocked up on tomatoes instead.
Next time I'll have to pick up the fuzzy navel's to brew up something peachy...

I love simplicity in the flavours of food and nothing is better than home-made tomato sauce.
It's as easy as...
*as many plum (aka Romas!) tomatoes as you like, you need and will fit in your pan
*garlic to your taste
*olive oil
*basil -- and I forgot fresh basil so I improvised here for more garnish and aesthetics than taste because...The basil makes the sauce!
Olive oil + garlic will dance in the fiery pan...when the lic's are lovely brown, throw in the chopped up Roma's. You'll get a feel for when they are done by watching them wither (the good and yummy wither!) ...toss in freshly chopped basil
And then throw in your cooked your noodles.
(I used brown rice spaghetti noodles to keep it light and gluten free)
happy Monday! Buon Appetito!
Sea salt...
always a little sea salt...
love xo
jodi renée

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