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I stubbed my 'other' toe just to make them matchy.
Which means that one IS stubbed. Yes.
Sexy blood blister and this time I went for ripping of the skin.
I wait for things to happen about 3 times before I 'get it'...
so long Havanas. It's been swell.
And then I always wondered, while washing my blender...HOW, I didn't ever cut myself.
Thoughts become things (it's a mere puncture wound)
Send medics only if they're tan and buff please.
And a new paring knife that works well as a nail file - ouch.
Vive la aloe plant that I'm slathering.

AND that folks, is a well rounded almost dangerous weekend.
Do you think the Uni is trying to tell me something...anything??
How about "pay attention"! slow down.

Not so gentle massage trying to create some space in my hips.
They're beyond tight.

the body has all the wisdom we need.
So I step onto my mat.
Ground the four corners of my feet, where are my shins?...lengthen the spine...open the heart...space in the hips.
then it dawns on me...if there was a person beside me, vocally speaking this out loud I think I would chuck out a Jackie Chan on her...him? it?
I can get so caught up in THINKING that I have to know all the motions (that I know!)...I just gotta trust that they'll ripen themselves out of my sweet and gloriously svelte yoga pod.
The more I try to 'get it' all, the more I'm missing the juicyness of the practice.
If I breath and move I'm fine. If I'm aware and feeling...amen.
If I'm totally surrendering to the moment and allowing ME to just experience.
that's kinda living.
Probably spacious.
and I can take my fuckin ridiculous thinking hat off...

Just like fueling my body with nutrients - I don't even think about it.
Which is how I end up with a stupendous tofu and red cabbage stir-fry (cabbage cringers seriously you don't know what you're missing on a palate and cellular level!)
Which is also why juicing is NEVER a chore! Celery, beet, carrot, and apple rainbow reverie...
AND...making it to the meditation mat.
A must.
(and yea that's my 6:30am view above...ommmmmm)

...imagine practicing *life* from this amazingly awesome and KNOWING place.
that you know.
what you need to know.
when you need it.
And often the more you THINK about things, the more you'll just fuck'em up.

If you're over thinking in one area...
You might not think twice about sticking your hand in a blender.
with the blade.

happy almost monday...(sometimes I work Sundays just so I can have Mondays OFF!)
jodi renée

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