Summer Smoothie | Berry Belly Blast Off!

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This yummy smoothie is packed with digestive greatness. It's of the utmost importance to keep things moving along and out, while creating a clean and healthy flora-full gut! (that sustains a healthy immune system)
Absorption of nutrients comes from a healthy digestive system which can be achieved by drinking plenty of water, eating foods rich in fibre, dense in nutrients, and including daily probiotics (pro=FOR, biotic=LIFE)
Also recommended? Dial down and manage any stress. Stress can be the cause of many digestive concerns ...I get uber bloated when stressed.
Your 'gut' really is trying to tell you something!

Summer Smoothie | Berry Belly Blast Off!
1 scoop chocolate Vega Protein by Sequel
1 scoop natural Sun Warrior Protein
1/4 tsp of ChlorEssence by Sequel
1/4 tsp of Probiotics
1 cup of water
1 cup of fresh (I freeze'm fresh and use them right away so they're fruit-cubes of smoothie goodness!) blueberries, blackberries...whateva you're belly desires. I prefer to use the darker berries that are rich in antioxidants.
Banana optional...
A handful of spinach is up to you...(and seriously kicks this up a notch!)
love. A must!

Let me know if you have any questions about the above products I have recommended or the recipe.
And seriously ...blast off?
You're in good hands.
health is yours!
love xo
jodi renée

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