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A commitment to mediating.
For oh...40 days straight. Starting at 20 minutes.
Actually those commitments aren't usually very hard for me. I've tossed in yoga though just to make things a little bit tougher. And it's not the physical practices of both that make it tough. It's actually carving out the time.
I find when I don't do them both first thing in the morning. It gets impossible to do them at all.
Funny how I'm more concerned about others reactions when I want to park my lotus ass in their basement digging for my inner peace.
I mean...their reaction is really none of my business. Out of my control.
So why even give it a second thought?
Thoughts, thoughts...too many thoughts.

I'm committed to both these practices and filling my days up with things that make me come ALIVE...

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive
~ Howard Washington Thurman

I've been feeling disconnected lately. There's a whirlwind of change going on that many of you don't know about. It's pretty huge for me and did I mention chaos? I feel like Dorothy sometimes and wishing those ruby reds would take me back "home" (red bottom Louboutin or Jimmy Choo's are a good substitute).
And seriously...where IS home? The symbolism with all this change?
Finally the inside-hall-pot light comes on - it's 'here'....within.
A never ending search for home, that comfort...that FEELING.
Not that thing, the person or place. It's the...FEELING's we're after.
And unless you find it within,
you're never going to find it anywhere else...outside of you.

What the funk does this have anything to do with me practicing yoga and meditation daily?
And how on earth does this tie into all the beautiful (and yummy) images above.
Aha. This is where everything connects. Like the movie you never really 'get' until the very end.
(well I hope this isn't like the book that you never figure out...thanks The History of Love)

If you're feelin lost...
YOU are not.
You've just lost your way. There's a difference.
And often we need to veer away from the path to remember where it is that we're going.
Maybe we even need to change direction...or ask (Mapquest ain't always right you know...or...umm...the driver).
The body is the best compass that we have.
Yoga connects breath and movement.
In meditation we close our eyes.
Turning inward...moving and observing. The answers are ALL there.
We just have to give ourselves some time...patience.

"What you seek is seeking you" ~ Rumi

I might not have all the answers.
And this commitment to a daily practice IS the answer.
Along with filling up my days with the things that I love:
*yoga (go figure)
*meditation...yeaaaaa. I actually do kinda love it
*amazing food that fuels me AND my body - kinda like the delicious Kerr Street Cafe eats in oakville (see scrumptious salad pic at the top of this post. Paired with an uberlicious Vanilla Mint tea)
*amazing people
*great conversation
*fresh air
*my anything nature fix
...those are just a few.
And I find when I can get MOST or all of these things into my days. I feel full.
Kinda like yesterday.

What are the top 5 things that make you come alive or that make your day seem full and/or complete? Can you commit to implementing all of 5 of these things daily?
Would love to hear from you!

Thanks BluBoho babes for our amazing and inspiring lunch date yesterday. Love that my amazing people are all connected (and adorned quite the same! Stunning model family above - ok they're not models they're real people, more beautiful because of it! Is wearing my FAV Chan Luu bracelet wrap which you can pick up at BluBoho fyi...)
Not to mention THIS family goes down in the archives of 'favourites' for so many reasons. That's entirely another post...
Beyond grateful.
Getting empty so I can fill up again...
Madly loving xo
jodi renée

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