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You are the product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best propel you toward your dreams...
Are the things around you moving you toward success - or are they holding you back?

This is why I love the ideas above.
In their chaotic busyness, they are actually quite simple. Monochromatic framing helps with this as well as...choosing anything and everything that inspires you.
This kind of design often seems daunting when my clients mention it or are inspired by doing something of the same. And really...the simplicity lies in choosing what makes you FEEL good, inspired, come alive or something that just makes you smile. This can be anything from photos to artwork to quotes...a painting or a page ripped out of a book. Because it has meaning for YOU...that's enough.

To have this meaningful inspiration in your home fuels your soul and keeps what's important at a moments glance.
Because I'm so visual this is SO important to me.
Blank walls do nothing for my creative spirit ...only drive to fill them with things that make me feel...well...inspired.

What's on your walls? Does it light you up or has it been up since you bought the house and has now become part of the dry wall? Let go of what you think should be on the walls and replace it with stuff that makes you feel...
I challenge you to do a scan. Let me know what you come up with...

jodi renée

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