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It never ceases to amaze me (actually recoil, gasp from within while trying not to retch at the same time) when brilliantly radiant expectant mommas say...
"I don't want to remember this time"
"No photos for me, I'm past the point of looking and feeling like myself"

can we just recap:
Gorgeous Goddesses relish in the best and most unbelievable experience that us woman are BLESSED with.
I've not traveled this journey "yet" and what I can say is...
I can FEEL the difference in the women who hide away, shrink and recoil at the magnanimous changes going on within. VS...the gloriously ecstatic, radiantly divine Goddesses that rock the belly 'savoring' every minute, every hour, every day...
The babe can feel that too.
There is much more going on then your extra 50lbs.
Your swollen ankles...
Your stretch marks.
And that doesn't mean you have to 'photograph' all of the above.
Perhaps just a nudge to have a look in the mirror.
A really good look.

Shari walked into the hospital the day we were supposed to shoot.
False alarm.
And she was hell bent on celebrating this 'time'.
SO young, SO beautiful and SO excited! She rocked the body that yes, she has (she literally gave birth two days after we created the above) and I believe ALL of her beauty comes from owning it...embracing it.
Never mentioning 'fat' or swollen ankles once.
With a heart full of love and a belly even fuller.
Feel the difference?

Embracing beautiful from where you are now means feeling like a million bucks NOW.
Good luck getting at a thousand if you don't.
Owning the changes that happen through life whether you're expecting...or not.
Your body is a gorgeous vessel that carries you through this crazy journey.
Treat it like a temple...
jodi renée

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"We're damn lucky to have our bodies, these strange, multi-functional machines, that let us leave our legacy on the planet. I hope you realize how powerful they are and decide that today you're going to start treating it with love and kindness. Think of it like a child; if you were to continue to feed it on mental and physical abuse, and stave it of love and nourishment, how would it grow into anything other than an angry, bitter and cold-hearted? Whereas if you tell that child every day that it is beautiful, loved and can do anything, there's no limits on what it can grow up to's pretty simple: Serve your body best so it can serve YOU best ~ Evanna Lynch

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