celebrating women, sisters, mothers and daughters

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"Our lives as women, sisters, mothers/daughters, and a family...I love how your art affords the girls and I to have little moments that make us smile every time we look at them. You have documented every major change in our lives - a photo journey. Better than that - your photos bring up all the positive things in our lives and remind us how lucky we are to have a loving family. I think you are a treasure - I'm not sure if you really appreciate what a gift you are to the people you touch..."
~ Lori Curtis, President, C.O.O. Marketing Core

My work is not based on volume. For a few reasons...
I could not physically keep up to the work-flow of "quantity" ...and nor would I want too.
Because it's quality I'm after.
And not just quality work, as in...the WORK that I do and create - on the computer, prints etc.
It's quality relationships that FILL me.
Nothing is more dear to me than knowing I get to see and experience the lives of my clients EVERY year. It's an investment on both our parts and the appreciation is mutual.
My clients are just like me.
We value the same things, can share and laugh about the same things.
the crazy journey -- that is life.
I love how raw and real Lori is...I often open up to her (yes this is how close I am with the people in my creative world!) and she'll remind me that all of life's 'mistakes' have a place in the journey of life. If it's one woman that knocks my socks off with her uber strength and inspiration...it's this one.
She's a tough cookie, goes after what she wants, doesn't let life push her down and loves her daughters like crazy.

So thankful she's been a part of *my* journey.
I am grateful for this woman that reminds me of the importance of sister-hood. And not just the blood ties of a female tribe. But the human and GODDESS tribe.
We can support the world, and the men in our worlds, when we stand 10 feet tall and bullet proof, together, as women. We can be more together than we'll ever be apart.
The sky's the limit when hands reach down to LIFT YOU UP.
Dance with you, openly cry with you...
Basking in your chorus of Britney's "oops I did it again" ...and again and again...with you.
(this might come with a bottle of Bonterra's Organic Red and Lindt's darkest...)
A constant stream of celebration, pushing forward, upward and a never-ending support of empowerment.
We need to embrace that we will fuck up often.
That our ideas can change, giving ourselves permission to contradict ourselves - whenever we want.
That we can let the tears pour...
And just BE...
Ourselves. Open, unedited and raw.
Alright...often wild, unpredictable and over-emotional (NEVER a bad thing)...it's human and a necessity for a woman to FEEL so much.

Sister is the woman who knows there is nothing to 'fix' because nothing is broken. It's all part of the journey - that is life.
Sister is the woman that knows BEING there...is enough.

I think the fabulous Dara says it best...Every time we regard a sister's emotional waves as sacred and take faith that her tears are the only brilliant thing that needs to be expressed, the "Roots of She smile" and grow strong.

jodi renée

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