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kinda Quinoa Tabbouleh salad...{keen-WA!}
fresh and simple.
not just simple - EASY! I think we've been over this little SUPA seed before.
We're talking PRE-Incan. That's pretty old.
So this seed has some H-I-S-T-O-R-Y! (not like the processed and packaged foods of today).
Which is a different aging process all together. Strip you down, then load you up with all the nasties so you can SIT ON THE SHELF FOREVER! mmmm...
OR, pre-historic, jacked with nutrients. Not JUST nutrients - essential nutrients. High fibre, high "complete" protein...
And just really nutty and tasty :)

The scrumptious salad above is quinoa bought in a box (if you buy it in bulk I recommend soaking it for up to ...uh...8 hours. Improves digestibility and your family will thank me) ...
so the boxed kind is usually pre-soaked and just give it a good rinse.
Cook up as per directions.
Then add:
*sliced roma tomatoes (if you cut out the juicy centre of the romas then the salad is less runny
*sliced and diced cucumbers
*a few sliced green onions
*handful of chopped fresh coriander (you can definitely use parsley or mint works wonders here!)
*tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
*sea salt
*lime or lemon to taste
Stir it all up, throw it in the fridge and serve with whatever you're having for dinner!

Seriously...there's no reason you need to be serving up plain ol' potatoes or pasta when we've got some SERIOUS grains out there. Explore a bit. You'll be surprised!
go get your grains on! xo
jodi renée

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

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