sinfully serving brownies for breakfast

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Life takes on many variations...we have to be willing to change the recipe some times.
...un-baked. refined anything.
AKA "good for you"...
Meet Ginger Cake.
Not only is she gorgeous, she packs a fibre punch...
Fresh, warm and obviously ice cream.
Jumped ship on the "cleanse" my body...
I firmly believe that WHAT we believe...IS what we create.
I know how to eat extremely well. I've been fighting a few of the same pesky ailments for years and maybe it's a never-ending battle because there's...nothing to fight and only one thing to purify...
My mind.
The way I live my life, the way I eat and nourish my body, mind and spirit - it didn't make sense.
So if something was off - it was my 'thinking'...
From books to people...all with completely different advice or ideas about what to do.
Inside something was like "you know know how to eat..."
Not trusting...second guessing...and constantly depriving myself of things that I love, that give me pleasure...

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place" ~ Lao Tzu

And it became that easy.
A decision. Going back to what I knew, how I was eating and firmly *believing* that everything I was doing for me was intentionally...awesome.
A weekend of brownies for breakfast.
Here's the thing: In our constant efforts to heal ourselves...become more of 'this or that'...
Find ourselves, fix ourselves, change or transform.
On our way to 'becoming'...
We have forgotten...We ALREADY ARE.
Everything we need to be.
There is nowhere to GET.
No ONE to 'become'...
except our awesome, healthy and amazing 'we are'...

Oh the Raw Brownie Gods (and Goddesses) have reminded me that nourishing CAN be decadent and sinfully delicious. And yes, sometimes you can over-indulge and it's exactly what you need (you'll just be flushing the rest. What!? they are...full...O...fibre...) Move over prunes!
Like melted can get messy.
And it doesn't take long to remake, remold...
Gingerly we can approach ourselves.
Switching and substituting.
Trust yourself. Experiment.
And for the love of God...have fun and indulge!
I don't know about you, and I seemingly always deprive myself...
of the little things that give me SO much.
So while a breakfast of brownies may not be ideal for the long haul,
like a weekend of sand and sun (which I also desperately need!) I am soaking it all in ova here!
...hammock Mondays sound divine hey? Brownies...browning and a book! (recommendations??)
Believe it! These are recipes fueled with awesome, temple love'n ingredients! Super awesome.
ahem...moderation? very tough I know...
Anyone care for the recipes...?
Mulberry mayhem and ginger love!
jodi renée

A big shout out to to Mums Original Super Foods! ...and SO Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream!
*great stocking stuffers...just sayin.
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