a sacred garment, and 3 ways I give back to my temple AKA my body.

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The body is a sacred garment.
- Martha Graham 

Sacred. AKA worship.
As you stand in awe at the brilliance and magnificence that's before you.
It's not an overnight thing.
Sacred requires work. A commitment and a practice
What went into the garment is surely why we admire it so much? ...or sadly do not.
Like a monumental temple, it takes time. There is no 'quick' and/or 'fix'.
We expect so much and yet, often...we give nothing.
Time wasted on complaining, wishing and demanding more...fit, skinny, beautiful.
And we wonder why it's a constant battle?
At what point do we just cease to celebrate, offering the simplest of prayer.
Thank you.
jodi renée

The top 3 ways I give thanks to my body
{the fruits of these thanks is a million fold. Trust me.}
  1. NOURISH - This comes in the form of food, relationships to others and more importantly the relationship to myself. I choose a variety of foods that GIVE to my body NOT take away. Over processed, over cooked foods (if you can call it that) stresses the system. It actually robs you = hungry much? eat more. Vicious cycle. I eat exceptionally well 90% of the time. The margin for indulgence is there and it's important to NOT feel guilty when I do land myself in the bucket of ice-cream. Enjoy and move on...which is part of nourishing yourself. Often times the junk is more mind than what we're actually consuming. Be mindful of the self dialogue around food, and also in general. As far as nourishing relationships go. Pretty self explanatory. Nourish yourself with people who nourish YOU! ...make you feel good, help you grow and push you towards your dreams. There are plenty of people in this Uni and we get to CHOOSE who we spend our time with. Scrap the relationships that show up like junk food. Which you can find anywhere, is a filler for the real stuff and ultimately is not healthy.
  2. MOVE - Free your mind by freeing your body. My commitment to health turned into a habit so without even thinking about it now, it's just something I DO. For at least an hour, about 5 times a week I'm either walking, running, going to the gym or doing yoga at home. On a cellular level everything is constantly moving and changing. It's necessary to function. And so is physical movement. Use it or lose it.
  3. BREATHE - we're all breathing so what am I talking about??? We breathe yes. Thank God that means we're alive. I'm talking about breathing 'awareness'...and slowing things down. We often take this lifeline for granted because our body just does it. Without our being aware of it. It's kinda like forgetting how awesome your wife or hubby is because that's just who they are...and then 'thank you's' get a little foreign and next thing you know expectations creep in...
    This is where ANY relationship becomes doomed. Even to ourselves. It's important to slow down enough to be aware of your breath. And interchange the word breath with anything that is sacred to you, perhaps goes unnoticed and perhaps even, you've taken for granted...
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