naked. a way of being.

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This was a project I was working on a while ago...never really having done "boudoir" I was curious. To be honest, I'd never seen much boudoir that I liked. Usually cheesy and unnatural. I wanted something that embraced fun, sexy...real. Honest.
Last night...4:42am
Thanks creativity for disturbing my slumber. Typing the words into my Blackberry...

A state of mind.
A way of being.
That's honest.
Your true nature.
Without all the stuff.
The layers.
Free from things that bind you, hold you back.

It has nothing to do with clothes 'off''s more.
Fully expressed.
Rockin vulnerability.
The real...You.
What you see is what you get.

In a world where the drive for 'more' has become standard.
And exhausting.
The simplicity of naked will save us.
There is so much 'more' to less...
Bearing all.
Who are you really?

Can you undress yourself to the world, show up and not give a shit?
They're going to criticize you anyways.
Can you speak up, stand yourself?

Strip away the...
Ideas, wants and desires.

To expose...
and more love than you've ever known.

The only UN-dress code ever required is...
That you be radically...YOU.
- jodi renée 2012

And thanks Courtney for being vulnerable, being awesomely confidently...You.

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