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As a creative entrepreneur admittedly one of the toughest obstacles for "me" has been distractions. I constantly have to remind myself...what REALLY matters.
The delusion that 'checking facebook or twitter' a few times a day...or replying back to every blackberry message...looking at other blogs...surfing, reading, looking, chatting, checking, doesn't make a difference...
It does.
Tabs. For's tabs. Convincing myself I'm just a visual junkie and I need to have things to look at to be inspired. The philosophy being "If I don't see it, I'll forget about it." And a never-ending obsession to 'do it right' or 'keep up to speed'...(which is a Thief! Joy sucker...time consumer!)
Several people have zeroed in on this uh...addiction (that's the first step to the 12 steps right?)
Them: You're addicted to the computer.
Me: I need inspiration! I find inspiration.
Them:'s in you, it's around you.
Me: oh. yea. 
Focusing on the things that don't matter...I severely compromise the things that do. Not to mention my computer slows down...ironically I get stuck and becomes harder. Too much time in front of the computer doing the things that don't matter keeps me from doing the work that does, eventually impeding on...
The ONLY thing that does matter.
The people I love.
My dreams, goals and achievements.
My happiness.
...and my gifts.
The ones I've been blessed with that GIVE to so many.

I've said it before that one of the most amazing and precious gifts we can give to others is...time.
And it's the one thing I hear that people wish they had more of.
Yet, we're all given the same amount.
I look at some of the most successful and inspirational people I know who are SO busy "making things happen" and wonder where on Earth they get the TIME?? To build their businesses on so many levels, to travel, and most importantly to spend quality time with their families. CLARITY + FOCUS.
Knowing what you want. And letting absolutely nothing get in your way.

So in an effort to eliminate the unnecessary distractions from my life...
I just turned off all the notifications from twitter and Facebook to my phone.

Have committed to checking and updating Facebook only twice a day...because is everyone else's life updates more important than MY TIME? ...absolutely not.
Will implement a one-tab-at-a-time rule. (ok, this will be my toughest. please hold me accountable! This is probably a serious game changer for me = getting shit done.)
And am still figuring out a way to manage my Blackberry...while I'd love to shut it off at night it's still my only method to connect to some people. Any suggestions? 

Remember...there is NO TIME to find. We have enough. Finding time is more about eliminating the things that WASTE OUR TIME, then about actually creating more of it. 


jodi renée

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spread the love and don't spend too much time on that time sucka! xo

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