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round 2. which was a lot like round one. Pizza dough failure and it was still delicious. Hello lasagna?
round 3. virgin pizza dough makers. and things were a wee bit dry, the crust resembling bear claws...still awesome in taste especially if you're meaty cheese lover
this won't last long...
round 3. little lighter on the cheese (only goat cheese pour moi), no meat and lots O veg.

A lot of pizza goes down in this household.
It's one of life's simple pleasures (maybe not so simple on the waistline or wallet!) Yes. That's how much we eat it.
So...we've decided to get a little frugal with the pizza delivery and a lil adventurous with the in home pizzeria.
I think these pics are rounds 2 and 3...over the course of the past month. Maybe 2...?
No. Lies! Just one.
I originally started buying gluten free pizza dough and we topped it ourselves with pizza sauce, prosciutto, arugula and goat cheese. Total crust failure. Super noodle like...hello lasagna. Still the flavours were amazing! ...2nd attempt at the same pizza a little more oil on the pan annnnd...same results. Eff it!
We'll just make the pizza dough ourselves and the only flour I had was a grain flour.
(Keep in mind we have no rolling pin, totally McGyver'd something up.)
And honestly...things were looking up! ...although the gluten for me in large amounts gets a little hard on my stomach. SO...4th attempt this weekend. Enter rolling pin, tinkered recipes and alas, we'll use the food processor.
For the cheesy meat lovers pizza: meat and cheese is the real deal bought from a deli, half regular flour with half of the whole grain flour. We put the oil IN the dough...rolled it out and voila!
For my somewhat less gluten pizza: spelt flour with half mix of wheat free flour, same with the oil...right IN the dough. Especially for anything with no gluten, things get really sticky!

This was honestly easier than I thought...
And really fun for something to make at home!
Here's the recipe for the dough we've been experimenting with at

Let me know if you try it, or if YOU have a favourite recipe that's easy that you like?
Would love to hear from you. 
Or maybe you just like drooling at the photos...that's cool too. Carry on...
Here's to pizza obsessed!
jodi renée

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