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Sometimes the greatest things in your life...
Lived only a few houses away.
And they're people.
That come back into your life, and you pray to God that this time is...for good.
They're people that inspire you.
Really get you...
Accepting ALL of you.
They make you laugh...and they make you cry.
Most importantly...they make you feel.
And your world wouldn't be the same without them.

Trish is one of these people...she inspires me as a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend.
If I'm half the woman you are...I'm doing alright :)

Being a mom in her busy household I see someone who's lifestyle completely influences her children. Which gives me hope. The boys eat kale chips and veggies like I've never seen go down the gullets of children before! Her active life, breeds active boys.
Bringing great children into this world might not be easy...and yet, it requires that you only lead the way to greatness yourself...

We had bumped into one another at Starbucks (surprise surprise)...and talked about getting together for photos.
I insisted that these were different.
It always amazes me how foreign it is, for people to just 'be themselves' in front of the camera (and not really at the same time. That's another post altogether though, about how we're conditioned and influenced by someone's genius idea to sit everyone awkwardly in a forward facing, possessed like CREEPY fashion, smile and say...cheese!?) WTF?!?
My motto?
a wee bit simpler...or should be. And a hell of a lot more comfortable.
Just be you. Doing what you do...what you love.
Makes way for life's awesomeness to reveal itself anyways. Without you even having to try.
And I just happen to be there...with a camera.
The gift that is offered up isn't something I do.
I can't take credit for anything special.
When it's been there all along...

Thanks Trish and family!

I just cried for the last 5 minutes!!!! These are absolutely amazing! This is truly the essence of "our little family"...I've been so stressed out the last few days, this brought me back to what my life is all about...xoxo

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