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in lieu of an easter turkey...
Healthy Turkey Meatballs!
(this recipe is super easy...and very yummy!)

1 package of ground turkey (I use Lilydale because they keep their turkeys healthy! AND their Canadian!)
1 organic egg
3/4 cup of kamut cereal or flour (I prefer the cereal!) See the link...
a pinch of salt
*and you can really chop up any fresh herbs that you like...I like cilantro or basil...parsley is great too~!
Mix all this stuff together and roll into balls.

In a really big skillet for the stove top I melt
1 tbspn Virgin Coconut Oil (I use this for anything fried or on the stovetop ...I actually use this for all my cooking! the best oil for cooking as the fat molecules do not get rancid!) Chop up some green onions or any onion really with some garlic...brown all this. Then roll in zee balls! Brown them up and keep it on lower so you don't brown them TOO much. I forgot to add that make sure your skillet has a lid...
Pour in a full jar of tomato sauce. I'm not sure of the brand I use but it's organic tomato and basil.
Throw on the lid, making sure it's on low ...
Maybe about 20 minutes? You should know...but still watch the balls! The sauce will want to reduce and you don't want it too thick...
In the photo above I chopped up some asparagus and tossed in while cooking for some extra veg and nutrition.

Serve this up with some yummy whole grain or rice pasta.
I usually use brown rice pasta as I try to steer away from 'wheat' products...

Let me know if you have any questions about this, and/or the ingredients and why I use them.
I'm a bit of a health nut so I'm happy to help!

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