The Whites (from Victoria BC!)

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I'm going to try and play catch up here and post daily (ummm...don't hold me to that) but I want to wrap up as many sessions as I can before the end of the many images that I want to Blog and so little time! The year's been a whirlwind so I thank you for your patience! I have a few more posts from clients/sessions in's so nice to see the leaves in these shots, so much colour in Stanley Park...I miss colours! However snow's great for shooting too :)

The family you're about to see below...what do I say? Shari! You and your family are beautiful! You're everything I expected and more...I was sad that we had such little time, however I'm thrilled that you contacted me waaaay back when and that I DID have an opportunity to come out west. The kids are creative and unbelievably beautiful! I can't wait to see you all again...hopefully soon! Thank you so much for adding to my 'out west' experience. I will definitely take you up on your offer and look foward to coming out to Victoria!
Check out Shari's fabulous children's and baby baby boutique...Sprouts!

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