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I'm still trying to catch up with all my pre-holiday sessions! Hopefully I can get them all in before the New Year so I can be all caught up! The Wolfe family contacted me before Christmas and with all the unseasonal weather...I was a bit concerned. We had this fog looming the morning we were to shoot downtown was so thick! We shot anyways and what a nice change! it added a different look to the photos and one we were all quite happy with! The sun did come out eventually and the location home shots were terrific...Morgan is quite the model and a brilliant young man - thanks to the three of you! Hope everyone loved the Christmas photos!



Benjamin was cute as a button - his mom and I anxiously waiting this session and finally it arrived! A little timid for his first camera debut, we were able to catch the more "serious" side...(equally as cute as the smiles!) I've presented these photos in an album layout which are fantastic for documenting the lifestyle sessions. Hard cover book bound albums that come in a variety of styles and sizes and complete jodi renee design...

Bella Daniella

So quiet and delicate..."Bella" was an absolute dream to photograph...her mom was very excited and the day couldn't have been more perfect! With brilliant light coming in through the huge windows - it's no wonder the session was many momma moments and check out the eyes! And the hat~!

"bunny" Bianca!

So I was lucky enough to find my way into the hands of a brilliant local designer - Corina of Bella Invites! I'm so thrilled with our connection as her stuff is INCREDIBLE! She also does custom baby announcements and I'm lucky enough to have MY photos grace her own as she JUST had a baby! Bianca, aka "bunny" is so tiny and absolutely adorable - we were 'waiting' for her arrival just to have our first photo shoot! I'm having a hard time with this post as I want to post ALL the now though, I'll post some fav's and look out for some more on my website when I add some fabulous updates :)

I'm also running a WINTER NEWBORN CONTEST! For more me!

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