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"Do your duty - the rest is not up to you. It's out of your control. Do your work without attachment and with being balanced in success and/or failure...balance is called YOGA."

MIA! I know! West coast venture and I'm so behind in Blogging but I've got lots to post so bear with me!
I think it's important to take 'time out'...I've been interested and invested in Yoga for quite some time...with some recent transitions in my life, I thought it would be a great opportunity to invest some MORE time in *me*...the things I love, and it's more than physical. Sure, I love the benefits of Yoga on the 'outside' but there are so many more layers - it's a way of living! Running your own business or partaking in such a busy lifestyle we forget about 'us'...this is ESSENTIAL...without a fine tuned and well operating selves, we are merely robots...slaves to work (hopefully something that we're passionate about!) but still...we need to reconnect back to something much deeper than punching in, paycheques and 'stuff'...
I had the great opportunity to partake in a Yoga training at FLOW in Vancouver...this was the first part of my west coast journey and one I'll never forget! Kelly...Jason...where do I begin! The studio, the instructors, the workshop, incredible participants...YOU BOTH - AMAZING! I took away so much from this course I don't even know where to begin. IF you're thinking about a training of some sort, please check out their site...truly worth the trip to BEAUTIFUL Vancouver!!! This doesn't mean I'm changing careers per say...I really just wanted to immerse myself in something that totally brings me back...(plus an excuse to do yoga for 10 days straight with amazing instructors...come ON!)
Check out some photos from our last day...miss you all and hope to see you soon! xo

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